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Thursday, October 18, 2007

US Mint Holiday Catalog- No Reverse Proof Platinum?

Today the US Mint announced that the 2007 Holiday Catalog would be released on October 25.

The press release only mentions products that the US Mint is already offering with no surprises. There was no mention of the rumored 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle coin set.

Throughout the year, there had been rumors of such a set, which would include a 2007 Reverse Proof Platinum Eagle. This would have followed the 20th Anniversary Silver and Gold Eagle coin sets issued last year, which included reverse proof versions of the eagles. After the immense popularity of these sets and the quick sell outs, why isn't the mint releasing a similar platinum set?

Could it be due to the recent spike in the price of platinum? Or is the set still in the works?

Update: The 10th Anniversary Platinum Set may be released in December.



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