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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mintage Figures for 2007 Burnished Platinum Eagles

Now that the Burnished Platinum Eagles are back on sale at the Mint, I wanted to do a quick post of the most recently published mintages. Collectors will recall that last year's burnished platinum eagles had extremely low mintages, which significantly drove up prices on the secondary market.

Once again, the mintage figures include coins from four coin sets. The 2006 figures are from an old CoinWorld article- I have seen some other figures floating around and the article lists these are "preliminary" totals. If anyone has a source for the finalized total, please let me know in the comments. The 2007 figures are from last week's Numismatic News.

2006-W 2007-W
1 oz platinum 4,275 3,054
1/2 oz platinum 3,800 2,482
1/4 oz platinum 3,625 2,597
1/10 oz platinum 4,775 4,684

10th Anniversary Platinum Set may be released in December
Updated Mintage Figures for 2007 Burnished Gold and Silver Eagles

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