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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dolley Madison First Spouse Gold Sales Figures

Dolley Madison First Spouse Gold Coins went on sale November 19, 2007. This coin has the distinction of being the only coin from the First Spouse Gold Coin Series that did not immediately sell out on the first day of offering. I had explored some of the possible reasons in a previous post.

Last week, Dave Harper unveiled some sales figures. Sales as of December 2, 2007 were 11,631 proofs and 8,017 uncirculated coins. This brings the sales total roughly half way to the 40,000 overall limit.

As of today, the Mint is still imposing a limit of one coin per option per household. In my opinion, a sell out will not occur until the Mint removes this limit. A sell out would lend some much needed support to the future potential of the series, which is slated to run until at least 2016. When is the Mint going to lift the ordering limit?

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