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Friday, February 22, 2008

Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse Gold Pricing

The US Mint recently posted the pricing, ordering options, and maximum mintages for the Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse Gold Coins. Prepare for some sticker shock.

The proof version of the coin is priced at $619.95. The uncirculated version of the coin is priced at $599.95.

The maximum mintage will be 40,000 across all product options. The ratio of proof and uncirculated coins will be determined by demand within the 40,000 maximum.

Initially there is a limit of one coin per product per household.

These prices are a leap and a bound above prices for the prior and first three coins of the series. The Dolley Madison coins were recently offered at $529.95 and $509.95. The Washington, Adams, and Jefferson coins were offered at $429.95 and $410.95.

Notably, the Dolley Madison coins are still available for sale on the US Mint's website even though these prices will be significantly below the prices for the Elizabeth Monroe coins.

The reason behind the continued rise in offering price for the series is the corresponding move in gold. Since each First Spouse coin contains one-half ounce of gold, the Mint must continue to mark up prices as the metal rises. This is without a doubt having an impact on sales.

The first three coins of the First Spouse Gold series each sold out within one day. It is becoming apparent that this performance will not be repeated. The natural waning of interest as the series moves on combined with the escalation of the prices is turning many collectors off the series. Some collectors who had intended to assemble a complete set of the coins may be getting priced out of the market. Others may have moved on to the next series like the Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins.

Long term this may create some opportunities through lower mintage coins. Short term, don't expect any more sell outs.
First Spouse Gold



At February 29, 2008 at 5:22 PM , Blogger silverthefox said...

Very correct in your article!
I was collecting the first spouse series but 1200.00 for an ounce of gold that the Mint paid beaucoup less for is outrageous. I kind of gulped when I bought the Dollie Madison proof and uncirculated!
I think it needs mentioning too that the Mint is minting too much!
Next will be a commemorative for Google Bloggers! Thanks for right on article!

At March 6, 2008 at 8:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too wanted to collect the whole set, and maybe more than one set; but the price is out of control. The mint could have sold the Monroe's for much less. I have heard that many of the first spouse coins have already been melted. Very sad. If gold goes to $1500 or $2000 an ounce, unfortunately not many of these will be sold.


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