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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will 2007-W Burnished and Proof Platinum Eagles Go Back on Sale?

The price of platinum has been extremely volatile over the page 60 days, ranging from a low of $1,823 per ounce to a high of $2,276 per ounce. I think that this volatility has made it difficult for the Mint to reprice the currently suspended 2007 platinum products and put them back up for sale on its website.

As of the writing of this post, the Mint only has two platinum products available for sale:
  • 2007 10th Anniversary Platinum Set
  • 2007 1/10 oz. Proof Platinum Eagle
The following products are currently suspended due to the increasing market value of platinum:
  • 2007 1/2 oz. Proof Platinum Eagle
  • 2007 1/4 oz. Proof Platinum Eagle
  • 2007 4 Coin Proof Platinum Eagle Set
  • 2007-W 1 oz. Burnished Platinum Eagle
  • 2007-W 1/2 oz. Burnished Platinum Eagle
  • 2007-W 1/4 oz. Burnished Platinum Eagle
  • 2007-W 1/10 oz. Burnished Platinum Eagle
The following products appear to be sold out, the product pages list "Product is not available" rather than the suspension message.
  • 2007 1 oz. Proof Platinum Eagle
  • 2007-W 4 Coin Burnished Platinum Eagle Set
I think that a return for the suspended platinum products may be coming soon. In the past two weeks the price of platinum has finally stabilized enough to perhaps get an accurate repricing. The Mint recently brought back the 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set.

In total, the suspended 2007 Platinum Eagle products have only been available for sale at the Mint for less than one week during 2008. The current two month suspension was preceded by another lengthy suspension, making the coins available for only a small window of time. I am sure the Mint would like to clear its remaining inventory of 2007 platinum products before 2008 are ready to be released and now seems like the time to do it.
10th Anniversary Eagle Set Back on Sale
Mint Suspends Platinum Eagle Coins
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