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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Presidential Dollar Mintages

The US Mint has recently updated the production figures for the Presidential Dollar series. Figures are now available for all seven coins released, including the most recent Andrew Jackson Dollars.

The figures are worth examining since the numbers for Andrew Jackson have surprised some people. The first six releases of the series had shown a string of continuous declines for each subsequent release. Naysayers of the Mint's dollar efforts have often pointed to the declining mintages as support for the claim that dollar coins are not popular and will not circulate.

While the recent uptick does not refute these claims, it's at least somewhat encouraging. In recent months, the US Mint has engaged in several new tactics to attempt to increase circulation of the dollar coin. This has included a PR campaign promoting the dollar usage in four cities and the Direct Ship Program. Are these efforts starting to have an impact? Or is the slight increase just a temporary blip?

It will be interesting to keep on eye on these figures for the coming releases to determine if this is indeed a change in trend.

Presidential Dollar Mintages

Denver Philadelphia Combined
George Washington 163,680,000 176,680,000 340,360,000
John Adams 112,140,000 112,420,000 224,560,000
Thomas Jefferson 102,810,000 100,800,000 203,610,000
James Madison 87,780,000 84,560,000 172,340,000
James Monroe 60,230,000 64,260,000 124,490,000
John Quincy Adams 57,720,000 57,540,000 115,260,000
Andrew Jackson 61,070,000 61,180,000 122,250,000

The production figures above include "circulating" coins produced by the US Mint, including coins sold through the bags and rolls program. This does not include coins produced for Mint issued Proof Sets and Mint Sets.

View all Presidential Dollar Mintages.

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