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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2007-W Burnished Silver Eagles Sold Out?

As of yesterday, the 2007-W Burnished Silver Eagles are no longer available at the Mint. These are the special collectible versions of the American Silver Eagles that are struck on burnished blanks and carry the "W" mint mark.

Many will remember that these coins seemed to have sold out in late November, however, they reappeared for sale in late December. Apparently, the Mint had run out of packaging for the coins and had pulled the offering, only to resume sales when the packaging issues were resolved.

This time around, it does seem to be a sell out, however at this point it is still uncertain especially after prior apparent sell outs. The price of silver has been making new recent highs, now trading at $18.17 per ounce. The coins were priced at $21.95, so it is possible that sale have just been suspended due to metals prices.

It should also be noted that although this ordering option for the coin is no longer available, the 2007-W Burnished Silver Eagle is still available from the Mint as part of the 2007 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This set contains the four 2007 Presidential Dollars, a 2007-D Sacagawea Dollar, and the 2007-W Burnished Silver Eagle for a price of $31.95.
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