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Friday, April 18, 2008

Bald Eagle Commemorative Sales Figures, Coin and Medal Set Sold Out?

Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins have now been on sale at the US Mint for just over 3 months. That makes it a good time to take a look at the latest sales figures to see how the program is tracking.

It also seems that another one of the product offerings may have sold out. In early March, the Three Coin Proof Set had sold out its product limit of 25,000 units. The Three Coin Proof Set contains proof versions of all of the Bald Eagle Coins: $5 Gold, $1 Silver, and 50c Clad. This morning the Bald Eagle Coin and Medal Set product page started displaying the message "Product is not available."

The Coin and Medal Set contains the $1 Silver Bald Eagle Coin and the Bronze Medal from the National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Medal Series. This set was supposed to have a limit of 50,000 units. Sales figures still indicate far below this level, so it is possible that the set may go back on sale at some point.

Here are the full sales figures as of April 17, 2008 per Numismaster:

Sales Figures Per Product Type

Proof Unc
$5 Gold 27,374 12,245
$1 Silver 169,231 68,154
50c Clad 123,588 67,290
3 Coin Set 25,000 N/A
Young Collectors Set N/A 18,969
Coin and Medal Set N/A 21,759

And here are the sales figures per coin. This takes into account coins sold as part of sets.

Sales Figures Per Coin

Proof Unc Both Max
$5 Gold 52,374 12,245 64,619 100,000
$1 Silver 194,231 89,913 284,144 500,000
50c Clad 148,588 86,259 234,847 750,000

As you can see from the above the $5 Gold coins are closest to reaching the maximum coin mintage, now at 64.6% of the total. $1 Silver coins are at 56.8%. 50c Clad coins are at 31.3%.

This Commemorative Series has been one of the more relatively popular programs over the past few years. It will be interesting to see how the sales continue to track through the remainder of the year.

Update: As of April 29, 2008, the Coin and Medal Set is back on sale.
Bald Eagle 3 Coin Set Sold Out
Bald Eagle Coins

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