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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sales Figures of 2008-W Platinum Eagles Since Re-Release

Following the return of the 2008-W Uncirculated & Proof Platinum Eagles last Friday, we have the first indications of how sales figures are playing out. The 1/10 ounce uncirculated coin sold out on Tuesday so these sales figures also present some clues as to what the final overall mintages might look like.

The sales figures come from Numismaster Mint Stats published on October 23, 2008. The first column displays the total number sold before the long suspension began. The second column shows the most recent sales figure. The final column is the difference.

2008-W Uncirculated Platinum Eagle Sales Figures

Pre-Suspension Oct 23 Change
1 ounce 146 213 67
1/2 ounce 126 292 166
1/4 ounce 198 615 417
1/10 ounce 712 2,046 1,334
4 coin set 453 668 215

2008 Proof Platinum Eagle Sales Figures

Pre-Suspension Oct 23 Change
1 ounce 1,222 1,334 112
1/2 ounce 482 578 96
1/4 ounce 628 783 155
1/10 ounce 1,255 1,520 265
4 coin set 759 970 211

The biggest sales increase was for the 1/10 oz. Unc coin. This might be due to collectors who have not collected the series in the past, giving it a try after prices became more affordable. It could also be collectors speculating that this denomination will experience the biggest price jump (on a percentage basis) if 2008 turns out to be a low mintage year. It should be noted that the 1/10 oz. Unc coins are still available as part of the 4 coin set. The continued sales of the 4 coin set will impact the final mintage of the individual coins.

Also on the Unc side, sales of the 1/2 ounce and 1/4 ounce coins doubled and tripled from pre-suspension figures. This oddly leaves the 1 ounce coin with the lowest total sales number of 881 (213 individual plus 668 from the 4 coin set).

On the Proof side, sales figures had the largest increases for the 1/10 ounce coin and 4 coin set. The sales increases were less significant than those of the Unc versions. This may be the result of the Proof coins being on sale for a longer time period before the suspension . It may also be the result of collectors focusing on the Unc versions as the potential lower mintage coins.

Surprisingly, the 1/10 oz. Proof coins now have a lower combined mintage than the 1/10 oz. Unc coins. This is the only Proof coin with a lower mintage than its corresponding Unc version.

On the whole, the drama around the 2008 Platinum Eagles has made the series interesting again. For the past few years, the high price of platinum has kept this series out of reach of many collectors. Now, people are seeing the dual opportunity of a potential low mintage coin and potential rebound in the price of platinum as strong motivators. This is definitely a series to consider and watch closely into the end of the year.

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