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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

US Mint Schedule for the Rest of 2008

As we draw closer to the end of the year, what US Mint products are still yet to be released for 2008? Here's a look at some highlights of products still in the pipeline along with release dates and likely pricing. Since release dates and pricing have not been officially announced, these may change in the future.

2008 American Legacy Collection - This product is not listed in the US Mint's online product schedule, but according to recent publication in the Federal Register, it is scheduled to be released on October 27, 2008 priced at $100.00. This is the fourth year the US Mint has offered this collection. Based on past collections, this year's should contain all 14 coins included in the (clad) 2008 Proof Set plus the 2008 Proof Bald Eagle Commemorative Silver Dollar. Last year the US Mint had a limit of 50,000 sets and only had the collection available for sale until December 14th due to the sales restrictions of commemorative coins.

2008 Hawaii State Quarter Bags & Rolls - These are scheduled to be released on November 3, 2008. Pricing will likely follow prior State Quarter Bags and Rolls offerings at $32.95 per two roll set, $32.95 for 100-coin bags, and $309.95 for 1,000-coin bags. Quite notably, this will be the final release of the 50 State Quarters Program.

Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar Bags & Rolls - Release is scheduled for November 13, 2008. Pricing will likely follow prior Presidential Dollar Bags and Rolls offerings at $35.95 per roll and $319.95 per 250-coin bag. The US Mint will also hopefully offer $250 boxes under the Direct Ship program. These would be available for face value with no extra charge for shipping.

Martin Van Buren's Liberty First Spouse Gold - Release is scheduled for November 26, 2008. Pricing may be impacted by the market price of gold, but the last three releases were priced at $599.95 for Uncirculated coins and $619.95 for Proof coins. This will be the fourth release of 2008 for the First Spouse Gold series and the eighth release overall. Similar to the prior release featuring Andrew Jackson's Liberty, the obverse design will be taken from a circulating coin of the President's era. The design will be based on the Liberty Seated Dime which was produced from 1837 to 1891.



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