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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Direct Ship Native American Dollars

The US Mint has announced the availability of the 2009 Native American Dollar under the Direct Ship Program. The coins can be ordered starting on January 2, 2009.

The US Mint's Direct Ship Program was launched in June 2008 as a way to remove barriers and improve circulation of dollar coins. Consumers and business are able to order quantities of 250 or 500 dollar coins directly from the US Mint at face value, with no additional charges for shipping. Traditionally, dollar coins have been distributed by the Federal Reserve Banks in bulk quantities to depository institutions. This bulk distribution may prevented some retailers and smaller banks from obtaining smaller quantities coins.

Coins ordered through the Direct Ship Program come in 25-coin rolls in bank style wrappers. The coins are not separated by mint mark and are "circulation grade." Based on experiences so far, the coins have been uncirculated. This makes the rolls very similar to those offered under the US Mint's Bags and Rolls Program. These coins are sold for a premium, but the only difference seems to be the US Mint branded packaging and the fact that you can order coins from a specific Mint.

The first dollar coin offered under the program was the John Quincy Adams Presidential Dollar. The offerings were later expanded to include all prior releases of the Presidential Dollar program, and subsequently the Andrew Jackson Presidential Dollar.

To date, the Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar has not been offered under the program. Direct Ship rolls for John Quincy Adams and James Monroe are currently shown as unavailable on the US Mint's website.



At December 16, 2008 at 5:12 PM , Anonymous lunaticg said...

found your blog via I don't collect US coins yet, maybe in the future I will. nice blog you have here. Wish mine can be as nice as yours.
See you around.


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