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Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Opportunity Sale Ends June 30

The US Mint's "Last Opportunity Sale" will end next week on Tuesday, June 30, 2009. The sale began one month ago to offer customers a final opportunity to purchase some remaining 2008 products.

The sale has not caused too much excitement. The products offered include 2008 State Quarter Coin Covers, 2008 Presidential Dollar Coin Covers, 2008 Coin and Die Sets, and Greetings from America coin and stamp cards.

All products are offered at their original prices. Any products ordered through the sale are subject to a limited return policy. Products can only be returned during a 7-day return period if they are delivered damaged.

The only product to sell out so far has been the 2008 Alaska Coin and Die Set from Denver.

For those interested, Numismaster's Mint Stats provides sales figures for the First Day Coin Covers that are available through the sale. The Presidential Dollar covers had a production limit of 50,000 and the State Quarters covers had a limit of 35,000 units. In earlier years, some of the coin covers had reached their respective limits.
First Day Coin Cover Sales
James Monroe Dollar 35,930
JQ Adams Dollar 31,244
Andrew Jackson Dollar 28,993
Martin Van Buren Dollar 25,476
Oklahoma Quarter 29,575
New Mexico Quarter 25,893
Arizona Quarter 26,107
Alaska Quarter 26,821
Hawaii Quarter 28,984



At June 26, 2009 at 11:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea what the Mint does with its unsold products??

At June 26, 2009 at 1:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the conclusion of the "Last Chance Sale" this past December, they stated that any remaining inventory would be "broken down and destroyed." I assume that will be the case here as well.

You would think to save themselves the trouble of doing that, they would be doing some drastic markdowns on this merchandise, just to get rid of it. There is so much profit margin built into that stuff, surely they could sell it for at least half of the original price and still make money on it. $14.95 for a coin cover? The face value of the coins is anywhere from .50 cents to $2, with a .41 or .42 cent stamp stuck on them. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't sell those for $7.95 in an attempt to move them out and still be sitting pretty.

Since the Mint isn't doing that though, you might want to give consideration to picking up a few New Mexico or Martin Van Buren coin covers. It appears they will be "bringing up the rear" in their respective series. New Mexico is poised to take the "lowest mintage crown" for the ENTIRE 50 State Quarter Coin Cover series, while Martin Van Buren will only hold the current low spot in the Presidential series, with a long way to go. But, anyone who may have a go at assembling a set of 50 State Quarter Coin Covers from now on will have the hardest time getting hold of New Mexico. It's simple mathematics.

A word of warning though: Don't get greedy and buy up a bunch, because if enough folks do that, guess what? The present lowest mintage covers could end up being HIGHER than others when it's finally over. Just buy two or three of each, to get a small slice of the future low mintage pie. :)


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