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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gettysburg Quarter Three Coin Set

The United States Mint has released the Gettysburg National Park Quarter Three Coin Set. This is the sixth release for the ongoing product type.

The three coin sets were introduced in late 2010, and feature uncirculated versions of the coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, along with the proof version of the coin from the San Francisco Mint.

The sets including the 2010-dated coins were released on dates from November 17, 2010 (Hot Springs) to May 4, 2011 (Mount Hood). The 2011-dated coins are scheduled to be released at roughly equal intervals throughout the rest of the year.

As mentioned for each previous release of the same product type, the coins included in each set can be acquired more cheaply on a per coin basis by purchasing the relevant annual coin sets. Each three coin set is priced at $14.95.

Despite the high cost on a per coin basis, the product does seem to have a small but seemingly dedicated collector base. Sales for the previous five releases are as follows:
Hot Springs National Park 18,857
Yellowstone National Park 18,974
Yosemite National Park 16,595
Grand Canyon National Park 15,999
Mount Hood National Forest 13,609

Each of these sets continues to be available for sale on the US Mint's website. There has been no indication so far as to when sales for each of the three coin set might conclude.

America the Beautiful Quarters Album

Yesterday, the United States Mint released an album to house a collection of America the Beautiful Quarters. This product had previously appeared in the upcoming products section and had a preliminary product page, which was pulled shortly before the initial anticipated release date of July 20, 2011.

The product reappeared in the upcoming products section and has been released seemingly without any changes. The album appears to be constructed to house one example of each of the 56 America the Beautiful Quarters. Facts and information about each of the sites is included, and the albums are priced at $9.95 each.