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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief Update

Late last week, the US Mint provided an update on the proposed recreation of August Saint-Gaudens' Ultra High Relief Gold Double Eagle. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has now authorized the issuance of the coin along with some details of the production specifications. The Mint's press release can be found here.
  • Coins will be minted in 24 karat gold.
  • Coins will have a business strike finish.
  • Diameter will be 27 millimeters. This smaller diameter will make the coins more than 50% thicker than other US Mint one ounce 24 karat gold coins.
  • Only 2009 Coins will be minted.
  • Coins will go on sale in early 2009, although sales may continue into 2010 if there is remaining inventory.
The release also discussed some modern elements that would be used on the coins.
  • The obverse of the coin will feature 50 stars instead of the original 46 stars. This change will honor all 50 of the current states, as opposed to the 46 states of 1907.
  • The current date 2009 will be included in Roman Numerals "MMIX."
  • The legally required motto "In God We Trust" will be added to the reverse.



At December 23, 2008 at 9:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

how is it that they only way to obtain these coins is thru the mint but yet there are numerous ways to obtain coins from dealers which reflect the bullion spot price despite the fact that the mint charges a premium. Why would someone buy from the mint when they can purchase from a dealer at a premium above spot which would still be cheaper than what the mint offers?

At December 25, 2008 at 4:36 AM , Blogger Michael said...

Bullion coins such as the American Gold and Silver Eagles are sold by bullion dealers at a markup to spot precious metals prices.

Certain coins which are minted for collectors, such as proof coins or the Ultra High Relief are sold directly by the Mint at set prices. These prices reflect much bigger mark ups since they are specially minted for collectors.


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