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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2007 US Mint Sets: Last Chance

Once the 2008 US Mint Sets go on sale tomorrow, the Mint will likely end sales of the 2007 US Mint Set. So today and tomorrow morning will be your last chance to order the sets directly form the Mint.

The 2007 Mint Set contains a total of 28 coins, in folders of 14 coins each. The coins contained in the sets have the special "satin finish" that the Mint has recently started using for Uncirculated Coin Sets.

Each set includes 8 Presidential Dollars, 2 Sacagawea Dollars, 2 Kennedy Half Dollars, 10 State Quarters, 2 Roosevelt Dimes, 2 Jefferson Nickels, and 2 Lincoln Cents.

Sales figures for the 2007 Mint Sets seem relatively low. According to the last update from Numismaster, 896,178 sets had been sold as of July 23, 2008. As Susan Headley mentioned on her blog, this low mintage may result in higher prices down the road.

If you've been delaying picking up some of these sets, get your order in before 12:00 Noon ET tomorrow!Publish Post



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